Downtown parking spaces are rare, the need for parking spaces grows – no matter if it is in Frankfurt, New York, Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi. For years the population has been rapidly increasing in the big cities of the Arabic countries. To create parking spaces in the Arabic metropolises is one of the biggest challenges for city planners, architects, house owners and companies.
Whilst cars offer more and more comfort which makes driving a pleasure, the finding of a parking space is becoming a growing nuisance: small parking spaces, dark parking decks with narrow accesses or long distances on foot from the parking deck to the destination. In addition downtown parking for free is a thing of the past.
Nowadays Automatic Parking is the solution for modern parking. With the automatic car parking systems proposed by Automatic Parking, parking becomes as comfortable and enjoyable as driving. Based on the latest high rack technology “made in Germany” many cars can be stored on a small area – comfortably, securely and without stress for the driver.