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Automatic Parking systems: the parking space meets the driver!

The car is driven to a parking platform and stopped. The driver leaves the car and gets his ticket. The platform with the car is being conveyed with a fully automated lift to a free parking space. To pick up his car the driver inserts his ticket into an automat and gets his car promptly delivered – of course already in driving direction – for the driver’s convenience.

Constructors, operators and drivers profit from automatic parking systems.

Advantages for constructors and operators


  • Space saving: twice as many cars can be stored on the same area than in conventional parking garages. The available space can be used to the maximum extent.
  • Neither building of accesses to the parking spaces nor installation of lighting or complex ventilation systems is necessary. There is no need for a parking service or security personnel.
  • Secure: the transportation with the most modern robotics protects the cars against parking damages.
  • Environment friendly: less exhaust fumes and toxic substances, less soil sealing.
  • Individual: parking solutions can be realized both in public and private fields for all construction heights and requirements above and underground.

Advantages for the driver


  • Secure: no need to walk through badly lightened parking garages and narrow staircases. The access of unauthorized persons to the car is excluded. The car is protected against vandalism and theft.
  • Comfortable: easy driving in and out on a wide platform, no driving on narrow, winding access lanes.
  • Fast: no search for a parking space, no waiting time in front of entry and exit areas.