In Germany, Europe and the USA municipalities and private constructors have been convinced of Stolzer’s customized individual automatic parking solutions since long time.


Is an example to create space for up to 100 cars on an area with a length of 32 m and a width of 12 m.
This parking systems has five floors and one basement.
Level access handing over cabins with rotation systems make parking easy and comfortable.

  • Constructed in 2006
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Daimler AG, Stuttgart / Germany

The famous vehicles‘ manufacturer was in need of a secure and space-saving facility to store his testing vehicles.
This parking system had been especially adapted to an existing building according to the specific requirements of Messrs. Daimler.

  • Constructed in 2007
  • Number of cars: 74
  • This project represents a special solution fulfilling customer’s specific requirements.
  • Particular feature: system with automatic battery charging
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In a historic city center, a favoured magnet for tourists, there was a big need of parking space.
The solution was: installation of a below grade, fully automatic parking system with 55 parking bays in the courtyard of an existing building.From outside only the cabine for handing over the cars by and to the driver with the rotation system can be seen.

  • Location: Segovia
  • Constructed in 2008
  • LP System with 4 parking levels
  • Time for completion: 4 months
  • Base area: abt. 260 m²
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New York/USA

In Manhattan an area of abt. 770 m2 was available for the installation of a public parking space. A conventional parking garage would have offered space for 24 cars. Thanks to the automatic parking system on two levels now 66 cars can be parked.

Handing over cabins and a rotation system allow a high rotation rate with short intervals for storing and returning the cars.

  • Constructed in 2007
  • UP System with 2 parking levels
  • Time for completion: abt. 6 months
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